Mother’s day is an ocassion which is celebrated in various parts of the world to express respect, honour and love towards mothers. Mother’s Day is fast approaching—and if you’re anything like us, you may still be in search of the perfect gift to show your mom how much you care. Not sure what to get the most important woman in your life?


1. Flowers

Flowers are the most classic and elegant gift on mother’s day. Even though mothers always nag that they do not any gift on mother’s day but deep down, all of us know that the statement is not true right? Who doesn’t love recieving flowers especially on this special day? If you’re too shy to express your love alone, you could probably get your other siblings or perhaps your dad to share this meaningful gift on this meaningful day with you. We will be delivering our designer flowers even on Mother’s day itself this year on 12th May 2019 (Sunday).  

It will be quite challenging to know what is your mum’s favourite flowers without actually asking her directly, as it would probably spoil all the surprise and fun behind all these plans. Thus, the best way is to ask around. You may begin with your dad first as he may have gotten flowers for her previously, and it will be your chance to tag him along to get the flowers together for your mum. If so happen your dad is a boring person and he totally have no clue about it, you may work your pay up to a solution by picking her favourite colour.  

No worries, your mum will definitely love and appreciate the effort spent on choosing the right gift for her.

2. Health Food

As our mum gradually aged day by day, how do we ensure that they’re taking care of themselves and staying healthy? As painful as thinking about this might be, we should fulfill our duty as their child by keeping them healthy.

Getting them sufficient supplements for their daily intake would be a good choice at this point, as prevention is better than cure. Besides supplement, you may pay a visit at the local chinese herb store to get all the necessary herbs that your mum usually consumes. For example like american ginseng powder to provide “qi” and energy or perhabs bird nest would be the easist choice as it’s loved by all mums among the asians.

It would be difficult for the youngsters nowadays to really know what’s the purpose for each traditional chinese herbs, hence it’s best to consult the ‘sinsei’ at your local chinese herb shop and i believe they could advise you better.  

3. Skin Care

Another gift idea for Mother’s Day is treating her to some skincare bits and bobs. Nothing says “I love you Mum” quite like giving the gift of lotions and potions. Whether that means a sleep-inducing bath oils, buttery body creams, night cream, eye serum or makeup melting mask – that she wouldn’t usually buy herself. Whilst this can be a bit spenny, a great present is about giving someone something they wouldn’t treat themselves to.

We never buy these things for ourselves, hence why they make excellent presents. As we all know, being a mum is the most tiring and stressful job in the world, and what better time to spoil the woman who gave you life with some indulgent beauty products than on Mother’s Day? 

4. Spa/Wellness session

If a day at home doesn’t work for your schedule, then book Mom into your favorite spa for a day of pampering! Eliminate her stresses with a relaxing spa treatment like a mani/pedi, facial or massage. Explore wellness day spas and resort spas featuring their signature spa treatments.  

Psss.. Just a simple reminder tip. Usually there would be a promo going on around town where there would be a mother’s day package for 2 on mother’s day. Be sure to book your slots early.

5. Dinner

Celebrate with the special women in your life, with a meal to remember. End their special day with one of these quick and easy dinner recipes, ranging from veggie-loaded pasta dishes to hearty steak meals.

For the grand finale, shower your lady with even more love in the form of thoughtful gifts and delicious desserts. Because she deserves it all. What’s more important than spending quality time with your mum? No matter how busy you are, do spare a day of yours to spend time with her. This would be the greatest gift that a mum could wish for.